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Appy New Year

Yes! There’s an App for that!  This is a phrase we are becoming more familiar with.  My kids seem to know intuitively how to find all these great apps.  I am still relying on the kindness of my friends, associates, and strangers to help me find these spectacular apps.

Over the holidays I heard from a number of moms who had just discovered that the wonderful piece of technology they had just given to their child to listen to music or to read eBooks, also had the ability to surf the internet and download Apps! They didn’t really realize that the gift they had just given their child had so much more functionality than they had planned on.

We have to face it – Apps are part of our world now.

The good news is that we don’t have to figure this all out ourselves OR rely soley on our children as the source of information.  ( I am still reeling from the story I heard from one mom whose darling 9 year old daughter convinced her that it would be ok to go see Hangover II in the theater this last year – that girl has a job waiting for her in some sales department some day.)

As a Wired Mom the only thing to do is to recruit the help of other fabulous, concerned, and in-the-know, people to help us out.  So that is exactly what we’ve done!  This Thursday, January 19th, we will be celebrating the “Appy New Year” with our good friends from Famigo (@Famigo), Ruckus Media (@RuckusMedia), ZiggityZoom.com (@ziggityzoom), Carissa Rogers from GoodnCrazy.com (@CarissaRogers) and our very own @maryheston to talk all about apps. Join this amazing group on Twitter at 9pm EST and follow the hashtag #Appy2012.  Follow us @wiredmom along with the other panelists and join in the fun on Thursday.

Don’t be this guy!  If you have a kid of any age running around the house this is an important twitter party to join.  Bring your questions and suggestions as we spend an hour celebrating this Appy New Year.  Get up to speed on the world of Apps before your kids convince you that the Hangover II app* is family friendly.

You can also get the discussion started early at Wired Moms on Facebook

See you there!  ( IS there an App for that ? )


* There’s not really a HOII app that I know of – but we always have to watch out….

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There’s an App for that – but should your child be playing with it?

– by Mary Heston
When was it that the phrase “There’s an app for that” became a common part of our vernacular? Apps have sort of snuck into our lives quietly and unoffensively. Many parents don’t even consider the safety aspect of apps like they would if buying a video game or letting their child go to a website and play a game online. READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE

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Sexting and teens: Safe sex or child porn?

NEWPORT NEWS — A teenage girl stands in front of a bathroom mirror. She wants to make her boyfriend happy, so she relents to his request. She snaps a picture of her naked body with a cell phone and sends him the image.

This is how a typical “sexting” episode begins. It often ends with the girl’s boyfriend resending her picture to countless friends, some of whom post the images on the Internet. Sexting is a growing trend among teens nationally, as well as on the Peninsula, as teenagers under-estimate the long-term effects of it, authorities say.


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Do you really want your 4 year old downloading that app?

Apps.  They are a relatively new phenomenon – at least they have finally entered our popular conversation to the point where new apps are being reported on our local news stations.   But not all apps are created equal.

If you have not been shopping for an app lately here is how it works.  You go to the “App Store”.  You can search for apps online but most likely you will be looking for apps on the device that you will be using them on – Your iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, Blackberry, or other digital tablet.  In general, you will open an account with your apps store (iTunes or the Android market) and then you can store your paypal account or credit card for future purchases.  So, it is super easy.  You find an app you like, you click download and in a second or two it is on your device.

Here is where it gets interesting.  It is a pretty well known fact that kids born after 2002 seem to be hardwired with an intuitive sense of how all technological devices work.  That, along with the fact that they are drawn to any device that mom or dad have and you can a few conversations you might not be quite ready to have.

There is one app in particular that seems to catch the eyes of every 4 to 10 year old.  At least that has been my anecdotal experience.  In several separate situations I have been chatting with another parent who handed their iPad over to their young kid while we were talking so that the child could play a preloaded game and we could have a few minutes to talk.

The app store button is the same size as every other button and after just a few taps of the tablet the apps store is open and a series of enticing icons are viewable on the screen.  The app that the most kids have asked their parents for is the Karma Sutra app.  I have not downloaded this app and so cannot speak to the appropriateness or inappropriateness of this app for a 4 year old viewing audience but it does remind us of one thing; watch what apps your kids are downloading.

What are your favorite apps?

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