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What to do about texting and driving

The numbers are in and they aren’t good. People are still texting and driving. More men than women are texting according to a recent report but the overall number is still too high. In a split second tragedy can happen and it is just not worth it.


The important thing for us to remember is that our kids are watching us to set the example. Some studies show that kids’ driving records can be directly correlated with their parents driving records. This is really interesting because it definitely shows us that it doesn’t matter so much what we tell our kids as it does what we show them.

If you must talk on your phone while your driving – which is still not optimal either – use a handsfree device.

My favorite bluetooth of the year is by far the LG Tone Wireless Bluetooth

It is super easy to connect with your phone and even easier to use. The great thing is that it doesn’t sit in your ear but instead hangs around your neck like a wonderful fashion accessory. When your phone rings the device vibrates just a bit which is wonderful. The ear buds sit in either end of the device and you only put them in your ear when you are actually making a call. The comfort level on this is super high. The voice dial feature is very easy to use. I got one for my husband who had only briefly used a blue tooth once before and did not have a good impression of using a blue tooth device. He is loving the LG Tone.

This is possibly my favorite tech gadget of the year. It still doesn’t solve the problem of people texting and driving. We still have to work on that.

(The only thing is you still have to watch yourself when talking on your phone while using this bluetooth in a public place. People will think you are a crazy person talking to yourself. People are getting used to looking for a blue tooth gadget resting in a persons ear when they see someone talking to themselves in the store – but they are not used to seeing the bluetooth hang around your neck.)


Join the discussion:  “Like” the Distracted Driving Safety Alliance on Facebook and let us know about your experiences with other people texting and driving. ( a Facebook Like button can be found on the right hand side of this page).

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Real People – August in Review

– by Mary Heston

August was an amazing month. What should have been a quiet month when families are spending more time offline actually ended up being a super busy month at Wired Moms.

Programming NOTE: Tune in to MTV August 30 at 8pm EST for Seventeen magazines big reveal in its Pretty Amazing cover contest. Our friend, and very Real, Pretty AND Amazing friend Nina Montgomery is one of the top 5 finalists in this contest. Meet Nina:  View NINA’s slideshow HERE Check out Seventeen Magazine’s Pretty Amazing Contest


One of the big conversations on Twitter this month was about teachers and facebook. With schools reopening their doors and getting ready for a new batch of students schools and communities are still struggling with what to do about social networking. Some school districts have fantastic, transparent policies in place that protect their students and establish clear guidelines for their teachers. But other communities missed the mark this summer.

READ PARRY AFTAB’s response to Missouri’s attempt to legislate Facebook use by teachers to the extreme.

Teachers are just real people trying to do their best. They need our support in helping our schools develop reasonable social networking policies that make sense for our children and our families.

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Class is in Session!

Parents need to take the lead. We sat down with Jane Lynch last week in San Diego to talk with her about her latest project on Text Ed. Visit to find out more about this project and the collaboration with our friend Rosalind Wiseman.

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facebook facebook facebook

– by Mary Heston

For some of us a bit older we remember Jan’s mantra from the Brady Bunch “Marsha Marsha Marsha” everybody’s always talking about Marsha.

This last week it was facebook.  Everywhere you turn the talk is about facebook.

California wants to make a law about parental access to children’s facebook accounts
(editorial comment: this is ridiculous)

Then we learn there are over 7.5 million kids under the age of 13 on facebook

A 13 year old in Tacoma WA is questioned by the Secret Service about a status update

AND Police suggest Stealing your kids Facebook passwords

I happen to think the world is just possibly losing its collective mind!  This is ludicrous.  First of all we need to start handing parents a couple of cojones when it comes to technology and having them start parenting their child in their kids digital world as well as the physical world (barely any distinction for our kids any more).  


    •  Be Strong. 
    • Keep your kids off of facebook until they are 13.  That is the facebook terms of service and the guideline is there for a reason.  There are alternatives out there.  Be proactive and help your kids use the Internet appropriately.
    • As long as they are living in your house and are under the age of 18 – they share their password with you and only you. 
    • Help guide them in their social networking.  Work through it together. 
    • Don’t keep them from social networking sites – this is their world now – help them embrace it.  If you forbid them from having a site that will be all the more enticement for them to go out and create their own site without your input or information.


You don’t hand your child the keys to the car until they have taken driver’s ed.  Social Networking can bean even more powerful tool – make sure they get the training before they go out on the roads by themselves at 1am in the morning.  A good way to do this is to get them involved in theTeenangel program 

If you are still worried after they have set up their site there is a new product that was just released this week that you may want to check out.  Visit MinorMonitor to find out more about ways to receive alerts about your childs online presence.

My daughter has been on Twitter for a year and a half and has at times complained about the fact that none of her other young friends in real life are on Twitter.  But she told me recently that alot of kids she knows are now getting on Twitter because their parents got on them about their facebook accounts.  She said she was sort of amazed how many parents don’t even know their kids are on these various sites and that if the parents do find out about them and tell the kids to close it down the kid just goes to a different platform with a different name.  

We need to have a more open and honest conversation with our kids about their life online.  In the 90’s we heard about the helicopter parents that absoultely hovered over their kids’ every move.  Perhaps the second decade of the millenium parents will become known as the Ostrich parents.  Time for us to get our heads out of the sand and take a look around.  Our kids ARE online.  Let’s join them!

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What Is Your #Distracted Driving Grade?

I reach for my cell phone when at a long red light. Checking to see if any new emails came in since I last checked… 10 minutes earlier.

My daughter calls everyday at 3:20 PM, should I ride the bus today, she wants to know. If I don’t answer she panics a little bit. Some days I’m in the car driving home from groceries or carpool for the younger kids at her ‘call time’.

I line up a ‘work’ call for mid morning. But due to traffic or a late gym class I’m still driving home when I’m supposed to be initiating a long distance call.

These are all situations I’ve been failing the grade at in the last two weeks. I gave myself a D-. #DistractedDriving? Yeah, that would be me.

I’ve spent the past week working to bring my disgraceful grade up. I bury my phone in my purse. I hand it to my younger daughter when it rings during the 3:20 tween panic time. And best of all.. I savor quiet time in the momvan, while running errands alone! I even gave myself extra credit points when a call came in from a fellow #DistractedDriving challenge pal and I waited and called her back when I could pull over.

After taking the @WiredMom 7 day challenge I’m proud to share I now give myself an A-. I’d give myself a sold A if I could just stop yearning at my purse when I see the stop light turn red.

What #DistractedDriving grade do you give yourself?

goodncrazyCarissa Rogers in a former life was a molecular biologist. In her current life she is the chief researcher of parenting dos (and some don’ts), new recipes, and for spice pretends to be a photographer…a mom of all trades. She blogs at, and writes for various online magazines. She has three good kids and one crazy husband. Find her on Twitter: @CarissaRogers


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Wired Moms 7 Day Challenge

Distracted Driving.

As a mom you know about distractions.  This week Ray LaHood and the Department of Transportation will hold a Summit on Distracted Driving and Wired Safety is holding  an event on curbing Distracted Driving.

Hopefully bringing attention to this important issue will help make our roads a safer place for all of us.

At Wired Moms we know that a big part of the solution begins with us.  Our kids are watching everything we do.  If we want our kids to grow up to be safe drivers then we have to start with our own driving habits.

Wired Moms is issuing a 7 DAY CHALLENGE.

At the beginning of the week give yourself a grade on your own driving skills.  Then over the week, every time you get in the car and think about what your kids are watching while you are driving.  Think about how you are driving even if the kids are not in the car and hold yourself to the same standards.

Follow @wiredmom and @CarissaRogers on twitter as she takes the 7 day challenge.  Let us know how you score at the end of the week.  Safe Driving!

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Distracted Driving and Ralph Waldo Emerson

Distracted Driving! This is a huge issue for all of us on the roads today but especially important for our kids who are new drivers.

From a purely parental perspective, what can be done?

This is a huge issue and is vitally important to us as moms, parents, citizens, and overall safety concerned human beings.


The most important thing we can do for our kids is to teach them how to be good drivers by modeling the best driving practices we can.

You may think that the most important thing you can do for your child’s safety in the car is to get them the right car seat and have them buckled in safely. This is very important but if you think your job ends there then you are mistaken. Even when a kid is small enough to be strapped into a car seat they are watching your every move.

There are some great studies that have come out indicating that there is a relationship between parents driving style and their kids driving style. One research article even went as far as to call it the Genetics of Driving abilities.

The most important take away message for us as parents is that if we want our children to be good drivers once they get their drivers license and not get into the habit of driving with distractions, then we need to show them how to do this – not tell them.

Help your kids be the best drivers they can be by showing them how to drive without distractions. You may not think they are noticing that you didn’t answer your phone while driving, or that you waited until you pulled over to check your text messages and then reply, but they do notice. They are watching. And it does make a difference.

Ralph Waldo Emerson once said

What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say

The week of September 21 the Dept of Transportation is hosting a Distracted Driving Summit in Washington D.C.

Wired Safety will be hosting a special event on the 20th. If anyone is planning on attending the Distracted Driving Summit on the 21st and would like more information about the event at the National Press Club on the 20th please send an email to

Leading up to this event we will be posting and tweeting different bits of information on Distracted Driving and the importance of the spotlight on this issue.

Do you have your own Distracted Driving story? Tweet us @wiredmom or send us an email to


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