Miss New and Wired Safety Take on Bullying

— By Mary Heston

The Miss America pageant has a long rich history in my own family.  There were never actually any Miss America’s in my family (that I know of ) but we watched the show every year and had our own little talent shows in our living room.  My mom would even dress up as Miss Washington – but that’s another story.

So, you can only imagine how thrilled I was to hear that Miss New York, Kaitlin Monte, (not pictured above) was running this year on a Stop Cyberbullying platform.  It was even more exciting to hear that she had already teamed up with Wired Safety and Parry Aftab to get this message out.  Of course last Saturday we sat on the edge of our seats as final runners up were being called and she was still standing.  One by one they left the stage at the 2012 Miss America pageant until there were just 3 of them standing there.  Then they called her name.  2nd runner up.   She may not be Miss America this year but she dazzled me as I’m sure she dazzled so many other people with her very straightforward answer to what was invariably THE toughest question of the night during the interview segment of the competition.

Check out her personal website HERE.

Cyberbullying is something  that I thought might diminish as we all became more social network savvy and as more education on the topic became available through those same social networks and through our schools.  But the bullies persist and they take on new and more ingenious ways of tormenting their victims every day.

We all need to work together to help get the word out.  CLICK HERE to go to a Cyberbully Census survey.  If you know any students from 3rd to 12th grade please have them take this survey. You don’t need to be from NY to participate.

2012 has already started out with too many Cyberbullying related tragedies – it’s time to take a stand.

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