Best Gift for the Holidays

This last year has been an amazing year for new techy gadgets. We tested out a new blue tooth for our smart phone that is amazing. The iPad, Kindle and Nook have all come out with new versions of themselves that are amazing. As an early adopter it is hard to put all these new tablets on my wishlist since I have the original versions and they are all working great. Netbooks have bigger screens, more power and weigh less than ever before. And of course, the smart phones are smarter than George Jetson and Cogsworth would have even imagined.

So, what do you get your socially networked, gadget happy friend for the holidays?

Reach out to someone and send them your love. It doesn’t even need fancy wrapping. In these busy times where we communicate with each other in 140 characters or less, this is a very powerful gift. It is amazing how a person can have over 500 friends and still at times feel alone. Letting someone know that an actual person out there cares is the best gift of all.

( WIRED MOMS pro tip: Don’t send your #love in a tweet or to a bcc mailing list – this should be a one on one thing with an actual message that shows the person you understand them and are there for them when they need you even if it is just virtually there. )

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