A cautionary tale

40 years from now will you have to answer for a post today?

No matter what your politics are and no matter what you think about whether she was right or wrong to take a position, Jane Fonda is having to answer that question right now. Sort of. 40 years ago she took a very visible stand against the vietnam war. Full Disclosure: I was around but was a little too young to understand the hoopla of what she was doing. This was really before social media and so this story only serves as a cautionary tale for all of us today who are writing our own history with every blog post, tweet and status update.

Read Jane’s complaint CLICK HERE

It is important to take a stand. We don’t want to all be so milk toast and politically correct that we allow injustices to happen because we are not willing to take a stand in fear of repercussions 40 years down the road. Just be aware that when you post something you may have to answer for that opinion 40 years down the road. So, be true to your convictions and be prepared for other people not agreeing with you and what they may mean for you in the future.


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