$10,000 per tweet? Really Kim?

The Power of the Tweet
– by Mary Heston

I love Twitter.  Even before twitter came on the scene my younger brother would say to me “If you can’t say it to me in less than 160 characters I don’t want to hear it”.  Not sure why he picked 160 but it turns out he was pretty much right on.

Twitter works for me.  It is great exchanging fast info with people from around the world.  And I consider anyone out there who can consistently make me laugh in 140 characters or less a comic genius.

The other great thing about twitter is that you don’t have to be “friends” to “follow”.  Following is a loose endorsement.  The million followers of Charlie Sheen are certainly not endorsing his behavior.  They are just more curious about what the guy is going to say or do next.  You can have thousands of followers which does not necessarily say you have thousands of friends.

On facebook and other social networking sites you are basically endorsing the person or business when you “like” them.  You are telling the world – yes I know this person/business and they are good.  Not necessarily the same thing with twitter.

So, where does that leave us today?

After 5 years Twitter is still growing and finding its way.  In a most interesting article in the Spokesman-Review this morning there is a case being filed in Federal Court over who owns the tweets.

READ THE ENTIRE ARTICLE HERE (this is a great article including info on how Kim Kardasian gets $10,000 per tweet for an endorsement)

Join the conversation on Facebook or Twitter – Do you love it or hate it?  Do you Tweet?


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