Do you really want your 4 year old downloading that app?

Apps.  They are a relatively new phenomenon – at least they have finally entered our popular conversation to the point where new apps are being reported on our local news stations.   But not all apps are created equal.

If you have not been shopping for an app lately here is how it works.  You go to the “App Store”.  You can search for apps online but most likely you will be looking for apps on the device that you will be using them on – Your iPad, iPhone, Android Phone, Blackberry, or other digital tablet.  In general, you will open an account with your apps store (iTunes or the Android market) and then you can store your paypal account or credit card for future purchases.  So, it is super easy.  You find an app you like, you click download and in a second or two it is on your device.

Here is where it gets interesting.  It is a pretty well known fact that kids born after 2002 seem to be hardwired with an intuitive sense of how all technological devices work.  That, along with the fact that they are drawn to any device that mom or dad have and you can a few conversations you might not be quite ready to have.

There is one app in particular that seems to catch the eyes of every 4 to 10 year old.  At least that has been my anecdotal experience.  In several separate situations I have been chatting with another parent who handed their iPad over to their young kid while we were talking so that the child could play a preloaded game and we could have a few minutes to talk.

The app store button is the same size as every other button and after just a few taps of the tablet the apps store is open and a series of enticing icons are viewable on the screen.  The app that the most kids have asked their parents for is the Karma Sutra app.  I have not downloaded this app and so cannot speak to the appropriateness or inappropriateness of this app for a 4 year old viewing audience but it does remind us of one thing; watch what apps your kids are downloading.

What are your favorite apps?

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2 responses to “Do you really want your 4 year old downloading that app?

  1. Dawn

    That’s why I set a password on my account. 🙂

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