Wired Moms Rock!

This morning we just put out a short little tweet on the Wired Moms Twitter account  @wiredmom asking you what video games you would be playing this weekend.

I love playing video games with my kids and at Wired Moms we think it is a great way to get great conversations going with your kids too.  So, I decided I would just check real quickly before turning off the computer for the night and see if anyone out there had any plans for playing video games this weekend.  Boy oh Boy you responded.  It was so much fun reading through all the tweets from people listing out their favorite games.  One of the interesting things was that there were so many different games listed.  But the other thing that was interesting was that there were so many different ways that you are tweeting your messages to us.  You were tweeting from your Android phones, Blackberrys and from your iPhones, from your computer and from Tweetdeck, TweetCaster and Hootsuite just to name a few.

We love that you are so Wired.

There was a very interesting article that came out yesterday expressing a concern for kids and video game addiction.  So, remember to set a good example for your kids.    Everything in Moderation.

But whatever you do Keep tweeting!  We love hearing from you.

Here is a short list of some of our fellow Tweeters and what they are playing this weekend.

DoubleD1D 1:34pm via Web
@wiredmom Well, I will be on WoW..

Lyra__Shine 1:36pm via Twitter for iPhone
@wiredmom Dance central we all love it, lots of fun for the whole family! When the kids go to bed Assassins creed x

momofbug 1:49pm via Web
@wiredmom I am so (again) hooked on Dr. Mario! I got it on the Wii by beating up my 11 year old for his points & I CAN’T STOP PLAYING!!!

Never4getLayla 1:51pm via Twitter for BlackBerry®
@wiredmom probably guitar hero since my daughter likes to “play” it – we just don’t turn on her guitar 🙂

theblendededge 2:07pm via Web
@wiredmom #LittleBigPlant and #SportsChampion for #PS3!

LeesaVlahosMP 2:11pm via Twitter for iPhone
@wiredmom Wii- resort and anything Scooby doo

parryaftab 2:25pm via Web
@wiredmom kinect!!!! luv it!

melindamom 3:32pm via TweetCaster
@wiredmom mario party 8 all the way!

SonyaPi3_14 5:38pm via Twitter for Android
@wiredmom – EA Sports Active, working on my fitness!

mundo247 5:51pm via TweetDeck
@wiredmom COD BLAK OPS

maryheston 7:00pm via HootSuite
@wiredmom Grand Turismo PS3 & Dance Central Xbox Kinect (still love the wii but you can only play so many hours of games in a day)


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