What Is Your #Distracted Driving Grade?

I reach for my cell phone when at a long red light. Checking to see if any new emails came in since I last checked… 10 minutes earlier.

My daughter calls everyday at 3:20 PM, should I ride the bus today, she wants to know. If I don’t answer she panics a little bit. Some days I’m in the car driving home from groceries or carpool for the younger kids at her ‘call time’.

I line up a ‘work’ call for mid morning. But due to traffic or a late gym class I’m still driving home when I’m supposed to be initiating a long distance call.

These are all situations I’ve been failing the grade at in the last two weeks. I gave myself a D-. #DistractedDriving? Yeah, that would be me.

I’ve spent the past week working to bring my disgraceful grade up. I bury my phone in my purse. I hand it to my younger daughter when it rings during the 3:20 tween panic time. And best of all.. I savor quiet time in the momvan, while running errands alone! I even gave myself extra credit points when a call came in from a fellow #DistractedDriving challenge pal and I waited and called her back when I could pull over.

After taking the @WiredMom 7 day challenge I’m proud to share I now give myself an A-. I’d give myself a sold A if I could just stop yearning at my purse when I see the stop light turn red.

What #DistractedDriving grade do you give yourself?

goodncrazyCarissa Rogers in a former life was a molecular biologist. In her current life she is the chief researcher of parenting dos (and some don’ts), new recipes, and for spice pretends to be a photographer…a mom of all trades. She blogs at GoodNCrazy.com, and writes for various online magazines. She has three good kids and one crazy husband. Find her on Twitter: @CarissaRogers


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2 responses to “What Is Your #Distracted Driving Grade?

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  2. ClaireElaine

    I’ve been working SO HARD not to answer the phone or a text while I’m in the car. And definitely not to make outgoing calls or texts. I just think of it this way: “Is that call or text worth anyone’s life?” If the answer is yes, then I answer it.

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