Wired Moms 7 Day Challenge

Distracted Driving.

As a mom you know about distractions.  This week Ray LaHood and the Department of Transportation will hold a Summit on Distracted Driving and Wired Safety is holding  an event on curbing Distracted Driving.

Hopefully bringing attention to this important issue will help make our roads a safer place for all of us.

At Wired Moms we know that a big part of the solution begins with us.  Our kids are watching everything we do.  If we want our kids to grow up to be safe drivers then we have to start with our own driving habits.

Wired Moms is issuing a 7 DAY CHALLENGE.

At the beginning of the week give yourself a grade on your own driving skills.  Then over the week, every time you get in the car and think about what your kids are watching while you are driving.  Think about how you are driving even if the kids are not in the car and hold yourself to the same standards.

Follow @wiredmom and @CarissaRogers on twitter as she takes the 7 day challenge.  Let us know how you score at the end of the week.  Safe Driving!


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