So What’s on the boob tube this fall? Check the Internet

The buzz on the new fall line up is beginning to reach the blogosphere and the news is to check the Internet.

William Shatner is slated to play the dad in a show renamed Bleep my Dad Says based on the wildly popular and politically incorrect Twitter page @—-mydadsays (we are not putting the first four letters in there but it is one of the grandaddies of the swear world known by all kids and moms as the S word). With over 1.6 million followers and now a hardback book based on the tweets it has gained quite the following but can that translate to TV? is also taking its popular content to TV. Will Ferrell is one of the founders of the site and made the site popular when a very politically incorrect video of his with his daughter went viral. In another viral moment it was rumored that Justin Beiber had bought funny or die but that was apparently just funny. The commercials for the upcoming TV program just says it will be the same —- (again with the S word) but just on TV – they said something about seeing which one would win – TV or the Internet.

In 2008 people wondered about the wisdom of Neil Patrick Harris starring in an Internet only show called Dr. Horrible’s sing-along blog. It is now available on Amazon and is currently listed at #285 most popular item. It has won a bunch of awards. It is silly fun – the brain child of Joss Whedon (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame) who we adore. If you can handle cowboy, zombie-like, sci-fi movies you have to check out Serenity (not recommended for kids under 13 but I loved this movie). It also stars Nathan Fillion who we have swooned over since he fell in love with an older woman on One Life to Live. He now stars in the TV crime show Castle which is very entertaining. Ok – so really how could they go wrong other than it was an Internet only musical tragicomedy miniseries in three acts. Lets just hope this one stays true to its roots and doesn’t try to get all fancy on us. We are looking forward to the next Joss Whedon/Nathan Fillian collaboration just don’t destroy Dr. Horrible by putting it on TV.

Chances are if you love it on the Internet they will try it on TV this fall. Somewhere out there some producer is probably trying to figure out how to make Farmville into a TV show.


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