Caution: Be Careful What You “Like”

This is a true story. To protect the innocent, names have been changed. For the sake of this article, instead of using an actual name we are going to insert “My Mother” but of course this story could have happened to anyone.

A funny thing happened on facebook this week. It happened, as most things do, in an odd synchronicity of events.

Early on in the week I saw that “My Mother” had clicked LIKE on the facebook group Laying in bed with your lights on wishing you had those clap lights. OK, so it was a little weird seeing My Mother embracing facebook’s groups like my 13 year old daughter does but that is just the beginning of the odd course of events about to ensue.

The next fun thing was that I read an article by Amy-Mae Elliott on Mashable about 10 fun tips and tricks on facebook. One of the tips was how to post a link that looked like a normal profile link but in actuality was sort of a tricky link. Whenever someone on facebook clicked on the link it would take them back to their profile page. In the article, they recommended playing a trick on facebook friends by making a post that says Worst Profile EVER! Then, of course, whenever someone clicked on the link it would take them back to their profile page. Anyone. It is sort of a cool link. But I think that is a little cruel so I took the opposite approach and posted Check out my favorite facebook friend of all time and posted the link. Then I sent out a private group message to the family members in my facebook with the link and a message for them to check it out to see which one of them I love more.

Ok, so are you following me so far?
1. My Mother joins group
2. I post prank link

Pretty harmless so far.

The next day I receive an email from My Mother (we are calling this anonymous person – could have happened to anyone – My Mother) emailed me with this message:

What did you send me? I clicked on the link and it looks like it took me to some porn site. (It had taken her to her own facebook profile page…) At the top of the page there was a message that said “My Mother likes Laying in bed with your lights on…” What is this all about?

Yes facebook had shortened the name of the group to fit on the page and My Mother must have forgotten that she had recently joined the group because she was focused more on sending us the kids a message that she wants a Clapper for her birthday.

I was cracking up when I realized what happened and I hope I was able to explain it clearly enough to My Mother but it was still pretty funny. It did make me think about all those groups we join.

A cautionary note: Be Careful of what groups you LIKE on facebook. You don’t want your public facebook profile looking like a porn site.


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